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A Hunter's Chance

An ancient world of rich history faces the ultimate peril. An evil, dark shadow has begun to threaten the existence of every form of life. In an era referred to the ‘Standard Age’ across the continent of Aetatis – the only age known as fact to the common folk – the 4th age to the educated historian, a team of heroes will emerge and rise to the occasion. The shadow’s hand can be realized acrost the ages, every influence leading up the Boiling Point which starts to seem inevitable. In the current year of 1280SE, the Umbrae’s touch can be felt as the world’s weather is turned upside down and death & destruction appears to dominate the land. 7 orphans and a prince will band together the greatest combined force of unlikely allies to save Aetatis from being completely engulfed in the cloud of Umbrae that has began to creep into every facet of daily life.  A combination of Final Fantasy, Wheel of Time, and Game of Thrones, this exciting tale is full of allegiances, betrayal, magicks, musick, different exotic races, alternate dimensions, dragons, and other mystical creatures. - ‘Melodies of Life’ is a must-read for any Fantasy or Science Fiction enthusiast. 

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"I'm figuratively on the edge of my seat"

The wait is over. A Hunter's Chance is here! Thrilling and entertaining, like the experience on a crazy kroyo marathon.

The Midgar Chronos


Thrilling in the extreme, A Hunter's Chance is a real smackaroonie.

The Eastminster Post

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A Hunter's Chance is a real smackaroonie.

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