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A Hunter's Chance

A world of deep history faces ultimate peril. An unknown force threatens the very existence of every life form. In an age referred to as the ‘Standard Age’ across the world of Aetatis - the only age known as fact to the common folk - the 4th age to the educated historian, a team of heroes will emerge and rise to the occasion. The touch of the Shadow's hand can be felt across the ages - every influence leading up to the Boiling Point that has been created in the current year of 1280SE. When his forces are unleashed unto Aetatis, death and destruction dominate the land and the world’s weather is turned upside down. 7 orphans and a prince will band together to form the greatest combined force of unlikely allies and save Aetatis from being completely engulfed in the cloud of Umbrae.

As each settlement is turned to ruin one by one, survivors must unite with these heroes’ company if the Light is to prevail. Even with all of Aetatis uniting under the banner of the Light, the scales are heavily tipped in the favor Evil. From the ocean floor to the planet’s two moons, every soul will be required to defend their world. Though the world is lost in Shadow, sure there is some way to turn it back to the old days of bliss and cheerful laughter - where lost and barren lands caught in the burning flames arise a leader’s path so clearly, to find a path out of the dark. A combination of Game of Thrones, Final Fantasy, and Wheel of Time - this exciting tale is full of allegiances, betrayal, magicks, musick, varying races with extreme differences throughout time, different dimensions, dragons and other mystical creatures - ‘Melodies of Life’ is a must-read for any Fantasy or Science Fiction enthusiast. 

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"I'm figuratively on the edge of my seat"

The wait is over. A Hunter's Chance is here! Thrilling and entertaining, like the experience on a crazy kroyo marathon.

The Midgar Chronos


Thrilling in the extreme, A Hunter's Chance is a real smackaroonie.

The Eastminster Post

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A Hunter's Chance is a real smackaroonie.

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